I saw Cinematic Orchestra last night as part of Ninja Tune XX anniversary series featuring the talented Dorian Concept and the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Night was topped off when Patrick Watson made this special guest appearance as part of the encore. I doubt many in the crowd were dry-eyed after this performance. Words cannot describe how it felt to be there. Totally powerful.

To Build a Home, Cinematic Orchestra (feat Patrick Watson), Live at Royal Albert Hall Nov 14 2010


Cinematic Orchestra

August 28, 2010

I’ve been listening to Cinematic Orchestra a lot lately. Their jazz/electro album Ma Fleur is quite old, but every now one of their song pops up in a tv show and I end up digging up and listening to the album on repeat for weeks after.

I’m excited that I’ll be seeing these guys in November and no doubt they will play ‘To build a home’ – at which point I might actually cry.

Such a powerful song. Patrick Watson‘s vocal are stunningly haunting and very reminiscent of Chris Martin.