Boy was it an emotional night at Adele’s album launch gig at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill last night.

A small 400 strong audience experienced perhaps one of the best gigs I have been to in a long time. She was witty and charming – and absolutely belted out a mix of new, old and covers for over a good hour.

Her voice was magical and the sound from the new album a little bluesy, a little jazz, a little pop and a little soul…



Russell Peters @ The O2

September 24, 2010

Ok so I got dragged to see Russell Peters last night at the O2. Apparently it was his largest audience ever and despite initially not being so excited, he was actually pretty good.

It was funny from the start – he literally pulled in pretty much the entire ethnic population in London – and spent the whole night dishing it to the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Jamaican and Latinos all night. Thank god we weren’t in the first few rows!

It’s been announced that my most played album of 2009 has rightfully won the Mercury Prize. Not only is the self titled album amazingly haunting, these South London kids are hauntingly surreal live.

I could play ‘Islands’ over and over…

As part of the late night BBC Prom sessions, we saw Jamie Cullum play at Royal Albert Hall last night. Not only is the venue spectacular, he was pretty damn amazing. I’m actually not that big of a fan, but his cover of ‘What a difference a day made’ nearly killed me. Amazing.

This version was filmed a while back.