QLD underwater

January 12, 2011

Sometimes I really can’t imagine myself moving back home. I convince myself that there is nothing in Australia worth moving back for.

The longer I live away from Australian the weaker I feel my ties are to my homeland.

All that is happening in QLD at the moment has brought me back to reality. Miles and miles away I feel so helpless. There is nothing I can do.

It has puts things into perspective for me. Makes me question if I am a better person for all my material things? Forces me to think about what is truly important to me.

It shocks me that I could have even considered the possibility of disassociating myself from the country that forged my identity – after all if I am not Australian, then where do I belong.

So what do I do?

How can I possibly help?

I’ll start by completely trimming back my lifestyle, encouraging those around me to do the same. As for the money we save – ask that be contributed to the QLD flood appeal.

That’s just the start…



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