Need to get my hands on this book asap!

Bitton on the Alexandria/Erskinville border was one of many reasons we bought an apartment just a block or so away!


Hurricane Yasi

February 2, 2011

Northern QLD, my thoughts are with you. My father experienced Hurricane Tracy in his youth and he has in the past shared with me his story. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to experience what he went through and it looks like Yasi will be worse…

Stay strong QLD.

I have felt so elated over the past few days as I plan a trip to the Gallipoli site for this years ANZAC day dawn service. I am not sure what I will feel, but all who have been there have said how utterly powerful and emotional it is to visit the site.

It’s Australia day today, and I am missing home a little.

It’s also my 2 year anniversary living in London – never thought I would get here.

Boy was it an emotional night at Adele’s album launch gig at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill last night.

A small 400 strong audience experienced perhaps one of the best gigs I have been to in a long time. She was witty and charming – and absolutely belted out a mix of new, old and covers for over a good hour.

Her voice was magical and the sound from the new album a little bluesy, a little jazz, a little pop and a little soul…


Does anyone else find it highly amusing when facebook friends publish their foursquare movements to their fb account? Have they not thought about the consequences of telling a hundred or so acquaintances where they are every second of the day? Stalking and home break-ins have just become so much easier!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for the power of foursquare and it’s effectiveness as a social media marketing tool for small businesses, but please, please opt out from auto publishing on facebook. Trust me noone wants to know.

You don’t see me publishing my twitter (non location) tweets on facebook do you?



January 20, 2011

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Every year I embark on a detox at the start of Jan and while I’m on it, I really hate it.

Fourth day in and the headaches have kicked in.

No booze, no caffeine… how will I survive!


Amazing interactive campaign that has gone viral so fast…

I tried ‘hugs’ and ‘eats’…

Who knew stationary could be so interesting!

Tipp Experience

QLD underwater

January 12, 2011

Sometimes I really can’t imagine myself moving back home. I convince myself that there is nothing in Australia worth moving back for.

The longer I live away from Australian the weaker I feel my ties are to my homeland.

All that is happening in QLD at the moment has brought me back to reality. Miles and miles away I feel so helpless. There is nothing I can do.

It has puts things into perspective for me. Makes me question if I am a better person for all my material things? Forces me to think about what is truly important to me.

It shocks me that I could have even considered the possibility of disassociating myself from the country that forged my identity – after all if I am not Australian, then where do I belong.

So what do I do?

How can I possibly help?

I’ll start by completely trimming back my lifestyle, encouraging those around me to do the same. As for the money we save – ask that be contributed to the QLD flood appeal.

That’s just the start…


This is cool. Neat way to look at banner integration.


Gol Airlines – Mobile Check in from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.

2010 Food Diary

January 10, 2011

January – Fat Duck, Bray

February -Farewell Ed at The Garrison

March – Amazing singaporian feast at Richmond Ave

April – Aussie visit – Fish markets, Coda, Movida, Onde

May – NYC baby! Le Bernadin, Jean Georges, Katz Deli, Momofuku Ssam

June – Currywurst in Berlin

July – Trullo, Islington

August – The Ledbury, Notting Hill

September – Japanese night at Richmond Ave and Iron chef challenge

October – Toscana and Umbria

November -Hakkasan Mayfair

December – Noma, Copenhagen

I should be way fatter than I actually am… heres to a fab 2011



Top on my i-pod playlist.

As anyone who has ever lived with me knows, I have a obsessive compulsive complex when it comes to music. Poor Dougs had to endure me playing the same songs on repeat so many times in 2010. I-tunes tells me these were my 5 most played tracks of 2010…

How sad Amber Gee!

1. Islands – The xx

2. O.N.E – Yeasayer

3. Strobe – Friendly Fires

4. Giving up the Gun – Vampire Weekend

5. Armistice – Phoenix

Bad bad blogger

January 10, 2011

I’ve been absent.

As each day passes I feel more and more guilty, yet I don’t have the time nor the composure to sit down and write.

So my blame list continues to grow.

– I moved house

– I started a new job

– My parents almost not arriving in time for Chrissy

– My parents arriving and having to entertain them

– The festive season and my crazy diary in the lead up

– New year break to Andalucia

I could go on.

Next week I am starting fresh. Commit to the blog, eat less meat, drink less.

Let’s see how long I last.

Lens focal bracelets…

November 19, 2010

Sam would absolutely love to have these accessories on his wrist!

Cheaper than the actual lens I say!

I saw Cinematic Orchestra last night as part of Ninja Tune XX anniversary series featuring the talented Dorian Concept and the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Night was topped off when Patrick Watson made this special guest appearance as part of the encore. I doubt many in the crowd were dry-eyed after this performance. Words cannot describe how it felt to be there. Totally powerful.

To Build a Home, Cinematic Orchestra (feat Patrick Watson), Live at Royal Albert Hall Nov 14 2010


November 12, 2010

M.I.A’s gig at Brixton O2 Academy this week was a lot of fun. I don’t quite know how to classify her rapping, rambling,  political music but I guess that’s how she’s developed such a cult following over the years.

The songs from her new album were a little boring, but she did bring back a few oldie crowd pleasers. Shame she only played a one hour set as she was only just getting the crowd going when she closed with ‘Paper Planes’.